New York State Animal Control Association

Mission Statement
  • To actively promote respect, dignity and professionalism for the animal control field.
  • To function independently as a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, of which the proceeds do not benefit any member, but the organization's primary fiscal responsibilities.
  • To properly and effectively educate and train animal control personnel in safe and humane capture techniques, handling and equipment use and a thorough understanding of existing laws.
  • To educate the public about responsible pet ownership, promote a positive relationship between animal control and the public, thereby reducing unnecessary and dangerous situations between citizens in communities and animal control personnel.
  • To promote positive cooperation and act as a liaison between local, state and regional animal shelters, animal welfare and control agencies.
  • To improve local, regional, and state ordinances/laws/articles that pertain to both animal control officers and the animal welfare community.
  • To identify and make recommendations on animal control and welfare issues in the state of New York.

Our Vision Statement
  • To move forward and keep current on national trends that will benefit this profession.
  • To be a unified organization that reflects the needs and demands of its members, the animal welfare community, the public and to all we serve.
  • To promote cooperation and advancement among animal control professionals to work in harmony with the public, animal welfare organizations, local government, animal shelters and veterinarians.
  • To improve and provide training/education/certification opportunities in the state of New York for animal control and animal welfare personnel.
  • To network among members and create a strong plan for disaster preparedness within the state and our members.
  • To remain an important force, vital to the animal welfare community in New York.